Bridal Headpieces

Bridal Headpieces

Elegant, Stylish,Trendy?  What is Your Look?

There are so many different styles and types of Bridal Headpieces available now that the choice can be completely overwhelming. Add in that each bridal attendant and probably your mother and perhaps mother-in-law-to-be have different ideas and tastes and it can be a recipe for confusion, or even disaster

Today's bride has the freedom to choose the headpiece that goes best with the bridal style she wants to present. Unity Wedding Boutique is proud to present a nice selection. There are many features such as feathers, flowers, lace and bling with beautiful crystals. If you want lace or netting, rhinestones or pearl sprays you can find the exact headpiece to put the final touch on your wedding outfit.

First let's start with the types. There are  caps, headbands and even cloches. Look at them all and see which type you are drawn to. Think about the look you want to achieve. Is it more tradional, trendy, sophisticated, elegant or free spirited?  Unity Wedding Boutique has the right choice for your special wedding day. Whether it is a bridal cap or a comb or flower you will find something to please you.

In anciet times the bridal veil was a way to protect the bride from evil sprits. It was also used to symbolize purity and chastity in medievel times. In the 20's the cloche style was fashionable. In the 30's it was all the rage for brides to just drape shorter veils over their heads. 40's brought the small birdcage, 60' and 70's brought a longer floating type.

It seems to us at Unity Wedding Boutique that this is your special day and you need to make yourself happy. Which of our choices makes you feel special? Go with your feelings and choose the one of our headpieces that you see yourself in  Let your imagination run wild as you envision yourself in that perfect headpiece, comb or veil. Feel and look like a princess in one of Unity Wedding Boutique's tiaras. Make your day a fairy tale.

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